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Who we are

Founded by actor, philanthropist and Outlander star Sam Heughan, My Peak Challenge is a global movement dedicated to educating and inspiring its members to live healthier, happier, and more balanced lives while raising funds to change lives. We are proud to have raised more than $5 million dollars for our charity partners to date.

what we do

We believe challenge promotes personal growth. Your challenge can be physical: run a 10K or climb a mountain; or nonphysical: learn to play guitar, take up sewing, or become a great chef. Our coaches will give you the tools to succeed, and our international family of Peakers will empower and motivate you. In the end, you change your life while raising funds to support the vital work of our charity partners.

how it works

Our ethos is simple: help yourself while helping others. We offer an online curriculum that includes a daily training program, yoga sessions, choice of meal plans, and access to the support of our 14,000+ members in 83 countries – and we donate 50% of membership dues to our charity partners.


Train with world-class instructors

Daily training videos adaptable to all fitness levels

Work out at home or in a gym

Functional fitness, cardio, yoga, recovery techniques

New program monthly; join any time


Daily meal plans for omnivores and vegetarians

Tasty, easy-to-make recipes

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack

Designed by nutritionist

Ideal for people on the go


Global family of Peakers

14,000 members in 83 countries

Acceptance, camaraderie, motivation

Local, in-person meetups

Support through struggles and successes


Help yourself while helping others

More than $5 million raised so far

MPC has become such a huge part of my life. I started in 2016 with low self-esteem and zero fitness. I’ve followed the workouts all these years. So many physical changes just the way I stand is different. It taught me about self-acceptance, love and standing in your own truth; unafraid!

— Katrina S

I am healthier, stronger, happier, and have more self confidence. I’ve made great friends and have moved more in the last year than I have in the previous 10.

— Linda C

I joined My Peak Challenge in Spring 2020 at a time when I started working remotely, sitting long hours at my computer. My priority was to find a virtual fitness program to stay in shape. MPC has gone beyond my expectations!

— Magali D

After my husband died in 2017, MPC brought me back to life by getting me out of my chair and onto the trails in Santa Barbara with the SoCal Peakers. In October 2020, I relocated to Sacramento to be near my daughters and grand-daughter. MPC makes this transition possible. Not only by being healthy and physically capable of making such a big move, but through the ability to connect with a new group of Peakers.

— Shelly D

The project ME isn’t ready yet. But I really love how far I’ve come in these past two years. I love myself and don’t care what other people think.

— Verena B

I was 65 when I joined MPC. Overweight, dealing with breast cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. Being single and retired, I needed to take control of my health. Following Coach Valbo’s program faithfully every day, I reached my healthy weight and am maintaining it. I am strong and in the best health I’ve ever been.

— Rebecca T

I decided to join MPC just before my 60th Birthday. I have achieved things I’d never dreamed of doing before. I entered my first 10K. I kayaked 50 miles in 2 days on the Edisto River…twice! I took up hiking and developed a love and appreciation for the outdoors.

— Nancy C

Joining MPC has been such a positive experience. I have a global network of support in a safe environment to grow. The motivation of the MPC community is invaluable and the dedication of our MPC coaches is unmatched!

— Janet C

This program and group of people is changing my life.

— Suzanne K

MPC is more than just another exercise program. It’s a community of people who are committed to helping each other succeed.

— Sarah B