New Year, New You

An admission about me: I’m really good at procrastinating. Particularly when it comes to writing. If I want to get fancy about it, I’ll tell myself that the words come from my subconscious, so I have to distract my brain while things burble away down there before they eventually emerge into the light. But I’m pretty sure that’s just an excuse.

 So I have this empty document staring at me, it’s 1:30 am two days past when the blog was supposed to be up, and what am I doing? I’m pinning things to the My Peak Challenge Pinterest boards (

I’m intending to write about starting something new, something that’s not going to be easy, something that maybe you’ve started before and didn’t succeed at. Essentially, about starting a fitness program at the beginning of January. The minute January dawns — or at least once the party hats and Champagne bottles have been cleared away — we’re bombarded with the same message: Eat better. Join a gym. Work out. Get in shape.

 They’re not bad concepts, but the focus is a tad misplaced. Because the key to making a new regime (of any kind) last beyond February has more to do with the mind than the body. The message that I wanted to share in this first blog was about that — the mental effort required to create lasting lifestyle change.

 And that brings me back to Pinterest. What I found there while procrastinating/letting my thoughts burble were a couple of quotes that basically summed up exactly what I want to express here:

 “Change is never a matter of ability. It’s a matter of motivation and drive.” —Anthony Robbins

 “I can & I will.”

 Here’s my message to you. To make this work, you only have to do one thing: Commit. You will have to do it repeatedly, sometimes multiple times a day (or an hour), but if you commit and you make that commitment the center of your focus, you can’t fail.

                                                                                                                                  —Jordana Brown