Welcome to the official My Peak Challenge private Facebook group! This page is moderated by My Peak Challenge and was created to provide the members of MPC a safe place in which to share stories and struggles, tips and triumphs — and ultimately to support one another through the experience of preparing for their challenges. Membership in this group is voluntary and is not required to complete any MPC program.

To make the most of your experience, PLEASE take a moment to read the following group rules. We reserve the right to close comments on or remove posts by and/or the membership of any member who breaks these rules.

  • Be kind. This is a safe space for expressing thoughts, dreams, fears, struggles, and successes. We expect members to encourage and embrace their fellow Peakers. Bullying; shaming; and rude, hurtfully critical and/or dismissive posts or comments are not allowed. Nor are posts that aim to divide Peakers or to critique MPC, its principals, the program or other Peakers.
  • Be mindful. This is a family group; excessive offensive language or innuendo is not allowed. Please refrain from posting any potentially disturbing or graphic photos in your posts; you may, however, post them in the comments on your post as long as you indicate that the comments will contain that photo. Also, because MPC is global, please be sensitive to cultural differences and remember that for many Peakers, English is a second or third language. Practice empathy.
  • Be respectful. This means to each other, certainly, but also when posting about yourself and your body. MPC promotes self-acceptance, and that’s hard to achieve when you bring yourself (or others) down.
  • Be understanding. To enforce these rules and keep the group safe for all members, we occasionally have to close comments or remove posts. Re-posting closed or deleted posts is prohibited. Repeated infractions will result in removal from the group. If you have questions about why a post was closed or removed, please contact our admin via the email address below.
  • Don’t exploit our community. Please do not sell items; offer professional services; solicit requests for donations, signatures, gifts, clicks or votes for charitable causes not affiliated with MPC, contests, or any other entities; or exchange any personal information in the group. Please do not post references to any outside fundraising efforts not affiliated with MPC, even if they’re part of your challenge. Under no circumstances is the group to be used for any type of recruitment, list-building, or data-collecting for outside groups.
  • Don’t share posts (including elements of posts: quotes, videos, photos or other media) outside of this group. Remember that this group is founded on mutual trust, and the information others share within this group is sensitive. Respect their privacy and trust in you by not sharing details of that information outside of this group. While we can’t enforce these rules anywhere but here, please don’t share details about other members or shame/bully or mock MPC members in other forums. Finally, please do not share anything within the group that you do not have permission to share.
  • Stay on topic. No comments or content unrelated to your own personal development/fitness/challenges/health/workouts/nutrition/MPC, etc. This means that politics, religion, your favorite non-challenge-related memes, and details or commentary on your favorite TV show or book series aren’t appropriate here. Please also note that we try to remove posts that share memes that have been shared previously and we ask that you avoid creating “chain” posts that ask members to copy and paste the contents into a new post. Instead, invite members to comment on a single post.

And a few notes:

As a reminder of our Terms and Conditions, we applaud your dedication to the program, but please be sure to consult a physician before beginning. Your health is a top priority for us, so please ensure that you’re able to start a new fitness and nutrition program.

Before asking a question, type some keywords into the “Search This Group” bar at the top of the page. Chances are it has been asked and answered. If we can keep it all in one thread, it’ll be easier to follow.

Coaches use a hashtag with their name (#sam, #valbo or #john, #alex, #jordana) to designate their posts. Any posts that use these hashtags and are not authored by one of the coaches will be deleted. Please note that any hashtags that start with those words will also be brought up in a search, which means that #valbod, for example, or #jordanarules, are also off-limits.

All decisions regarding this group, its members and adherence to our Group Rules are at our sole discretion and are final. By joining, you indemnify us from and against any and all liability relating to your use of the group and relationships with its members. We reserve the right to revise these rules as needed to adapt to evolving and/or unforeseen issues or conflicts of interest with our collective goal of personal improvement and empowerment. MPC and its admins are not responsible for posts being shared outside the group.

Our admin can be reached at:

The Official My Peak Challenge Members Group is not meant for asking customer-service requests or to air complaints. Any questions about the program, including comments, concerns, and suggestions, should be directed to:

See you soon!
Team MPC