Getting to Know You

Throughout the year, we ask Peakers to fill us in on what you’re up to and how you’re progressing with your challenges, the program, life, etc. On this page are all our requests for your photos and stories. These links will stay live for several months, so please feel free to submit when you’re ready to update us! We look forward to hearing from you!

Munro Step Challenge
We’re currently stepping away on the fourth annual Munro Step Challenge, but the year wouldn’t be complete without memories from the trails. Share with us where and how you got your steps in to help beat blood cancer!

MPC2021 Gala Memories
Way back in May, we spent a magical weekend doing live workouts with coaches Valbo and Sam, a serene yoga session with Coach Mooney, a hike in the great outdoors and then a fun live Gala celebration. We want to see your favorite memories of that weekend, whether it’s sweaty workout selfies or glam Gala dresses!

Nonphysical Challenges
Challenges come in so many forms, and here we want to see all the nonphysical ones you’ve undertaken this year. Did you quilt? Sing? Read? Create, learn or organize? Show us here!

Peakers on Wheels
We’ve rolled to the end of our wheeled challenge on behalf of Marie Curie, and we want to see what you got up to! Click the link above to send us your pics on wheels, your bandana fashion, your wheelie get-togethers!

Those Wonderful Workouts
This week, we want to get to know your workouts. Click on the link above to show us your sweatiest, success-iest postworkout pics! Share an awesome hike photo! Share a group workout pic! Whether it’s the thrill of completing one of Valbo’s workouts, lifting something heavier or running for longer than you have before, finding a new workout buddy, or just pushing yourself to get it done, we want to see how you’re moving this year.

Show Your Flow
Let’s see you posing, yogis! Whether you’re new to yoga or an established yogi, already bendy or stretching to stretch, click the link above (or the preview below) show us your yoga pics!

MPC Testimonials
Tell us what MPC means to you. Are you in love with this community (who isn’t?)? Are you thrilled with your consistency? Do you adore Valbo’s torture? Have you learned something new about yourself or made progress in a way you weren’t expecting? We would love to hear all that and more!

Show Us Your Flex
The only thing we love almost as much as hearing about your progress is seeing it. Do you have muscles where you didn’t used to? Let’s see those biceps or calves or thighs or … you name it!