2020 Cycling Challenge


Inflate those tires, grab your helmets, and get ready to ride! Whether it's indoors or outdoors, road bike or stationary, literal or virtual — the 2020 Cycling Challenge starts October 20th!

From October 20th to November 20th, we are challenging you to cycle 20 minutes a day in support of Marie Curie, their nurses, and the amazing work they do to provide the terminally ill with the care they need, which allows those at the end of their lives to spend their final days surrounded by love.

Why 20?

£20 supports one hour of specialist end-of-life nursing care, which is delivered as hospice or in-home care, often at night when patients and families need the most support. 

£20 also supports complementary therapies, including physical and occupational therapy. 

Help Raise Funds
We've designed a limited-edition bandana to celebrate this collaboration with Marie Curie, so make sure to pick yours up and wear it with pride by clicking the image at the top of this email! 
100% of profits from the sale of this bandana go directly to Marie Curie.

You can also invite your family and friends to join you — or to sponsor you for each mile you complete, for beating your previous daily distance or just by making a direct donation via our JustGiving page

No Bike? No Problem!
If you don't have have access to a bike or if cycling outside isn't going to work for you, try one of the following — or come up with your own alternative: 

  1. Walk/jog/run/swim for 20 minutes a day
  2. Do 20 minutes of yoga a day
  3. Do 20 minutes of meditation a day
  4. Do 20 minutes of any exercise circuit a day
  5. Read/play music/sing/dance/sew/knit for 20 minutes a day
  6. Mix it up and do something different every day

Share With Us
We LOVE to see Peakers from around the world! Make sure to tag @MyPeakChallenge on social media in your posts and stories with the following hashtags: 


Track the days — and your efforts — with our 2020 Cycling Challenge calendar.
Click here to download the PDF document