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MPC2018 will support UK-based charity Bloodwise and the incredibly important work it does to beat blood cancer. By funding research on blood-cancer treatments and extending support and education to patients and their families in the UK, Bloodwise has been instrumental in driving blood-cancer survival rates ever higher since 1960. My Peak Challenge’s campaigns have funded a clinical trial testing a drug to treat acute myeloid leukemia, among the most aggressive blood cancers.

In 2018, MPC will also support Marie Curie, the leading UK charity providing care, guidance, and support to terminally ill patients and their families. Through nine hospice centers and via the care of 2,000-plus nurses who work night and day in people’s homes, Marie Curie provides hands-on care to the terminally ill while offering emotional and practical support to families. Their services are always free to patients and their families.





Join now and start celebrating personal accomplishments while helping raise funds to save lives. MPC donates 50 percent of all membership fees* directly to our charity partners.


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Please note that registering a friend is a different process than becoming an Angel. If you are gifting the program to someone you know, you need that person's information (name, email address, mailing address and preferred T-shirt size). Enter it all in the checkout, being sure to use your friend's details in both the shipping and the billing fields. Then use your credit card (not PayPal, which will override all the information you entered) to pay, and your friend will receive the confirmation email that he or she is now a member of MPC2018.



An MPC Angel is someone who anonymously sponsors the membership of another Peaker, enabling him or her to join MPC2018.

The Angels program grew organically out of Peakers’ inherent kindness and generosity and their desire to share the MPC2016 Prep Program with those who couldn’t afford it.

If you are interested in anonymously sponsoring another person, please purchase an MPC2018 Angels membership in the MPC shop, here: Become an Angel.

If you are interested in applying to receive sponsorship, please email and put “Need an Angel” in the subject. In the message, please include your name and the email address you would like to use to access the program.



One of the most rewarding elements of MPC has been watching the community coalesce into local groups whose members hike, eat, and plank together, and into interest groups, whose members support and challenge each other. We would like to encourage those efforts through the MPC Ambassador program.

MPC Ambassadors are individuals or groups with unique ideas for growing our community, spreading our message, and extending our impact. Due to previous legal and copyright-infringement issues, the Ambassador program is subject to an approval process. (We are interested in growing our membership and the funds raised for our charity partners, not our lawyers' bank accounts.) Individuals or groups interested in becoming an MPC Ambassador must please send an email including the following information to


Group name (if applicable)

Contact information

Community-building proposal (please be as specific as possible)

What makes your plan unique


* After payment processing fees and membership gift fulfillment fees.