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MPC2019 offers more. The training and nutrition program is rooted in three 90-day programs, allowing for greater motivation — and more opportunities for those who struggle to climb back onboard.

In between those programs are two challenge months when Peakers can test their progress and reach their peaks. And we will be celebrating once again, at the second MPC event and gala in Edinburgh, Scotland, in May 2019.

My Peak Challenge provides all members with access to our training and nutrition platform, and MPC2019 launches with the Peaker Foundation program, designed to introduce those who are new to MPC or who have been away from exercise for some time to the kinds of movements and workout programming that MPC features.

In February 2019, the first of three progressive 90-day programs begins. All MPC training programs are designed to improve strength, cardiovascular endurance, and overall fitness so that physical challenges become much easier to achieve.

Our nutrition program complements that training by providing Peakers with delicious recipes and wholesome snacks while teaching them to track macronutrient balance.

We fundamentally believe that conquering challenges opens new horizons. When you reach the top of that first mountain, even if it’s a metaphorical mountain, your perspective broadens. And through that success, empowerment is built. Where you go from there is entirely up to you.

The MPC2019 membership includes the following:

  • A welcome gift — the official MPC members T-shirt and wristband, not available anywhere else
  • Annual access to our platform, which includes the three 90-day workout and nutrition programs, along with videos of all exercises and advice on how to scale those exercises to your abilities
  • Two nutrition plans, one for meat-eaters and one for lacto/ovo vegetarians, that complement the training program
  • Downloadable and printable booklets of the training and nutrition programs
  • Exclusive members-only newsletter, featuring community news and health and fitness tips
  • An invitation to our exclusive private Facebook group, where you can get support from fellow Peakers — and Sam, John, Alex, Jordana, and the rest of the MPC team
  • An invitation to our exclusive members-only MPC event. Want to meet fellow Peakers and the MPC team in person? This is your chance.

The best part is that by becoming an MPC member, you’ll be helping others while helping yourself. MPC donates 50 percent of membership fees* directly to our charity partners.


* After payment processing fees and membership gift fulfillment fees.