MPC Ambassador Video Submission

  • Please make sure your video includes one or more people in front of your camera talking about your group. You’re welcome to include photos in your videos, as long as the entire video doesn’t consist of photos only.
  • Regarding whether it’s OK to present your group in your native language (for those non-native-English-speaking groups), after much discussion, we concluded that it is important for you to speak English in your video in order to guarantee more universal understanding. You can feel free to include 1 or 2 phrases in your native language, though!
  • Please make sure your video is shot horizontally, not vertically. 📷 = 👍 | 📱 = 👎
  • We know that for some of you, it’s going to be difficult (or impossible!) to get all admins or all members together, so please remember that it’s not necessary to do so. If you’d prefer, each admin can submit a separate video clip and we will edit them together into one video. However, the length limit still applies, so please don’t submit two 60-second videos and expect us to edit them down. 😊