It all began with a call to action. The year was 2015, and Sam Heughan challenged his fans to challenge themselves while raising funds for charity.

The message resonated, and the My Peak Challenge T-shirt became synonymous with unity and camaraderie.

In 2016, the call expanded. A community of Peakers was created, and a 60-day training and nutrition program was designed to help members develop the foundation to help them achieve their challenges. Thousands joined and a global community was born.

Then came 2017: How can we keep the momentum, the excitement, the community engaged throughout the year? The path was simple — MPC is not just a campaign, it’s a movement and its heartbeat is set by a global community that is thirsty for MORE.

An annual membership with a full 12-month program was created. The community swelled to 10,000 Peakers from more than 38 countries. And, for the first time, we celebrated in person, hiking and sweating, dining and dancing together at the first annual MPC event and gala in Scotland.


As of late 2018, our global community of Peakers has raised more than $2 million for our charity partners. Lives have been changed. Friendships and extended families have been forged. Regional groups in dozens of countries around the globe wave flags of unity and community — it’s the most fulfilling experience we could have ever imagined.


More than anything in the world, we want to share this joy. We want to grow our community of Peakers and welcome kindred spirits to join us and find the fulfillment many of us have found under the Peaker flag.

MPC will continue to adjust, modify, and iterate, adding more options, more motivation, and more opportunities to live a healthier and more balanced life while making the act of giving more fun and rewarding.

We will undertake new initiatives to grow our community, both from within and from without, focusing on creating ever-greater experiences as we move forward.

Our goal is to share the ethos of MPC: the value of selfless dedication to a larger global community and the fulfillment you can achieve by helping yourself while helping others.

With the voices and support of our Peakers, our Angels, and our Ambassadors, we will continue to share empowerment and welcome new members.

Together, we will make 2019 an unforgettable experience and set a foundation for years to come.


The true heart of MPC is its global community of Peakers.

Peakers can be found on mountaintops, hiking through forests, sweating in gyms or at home, trying something new or working to improve their previous records.

They’re running, reading, lifting, creating, swimming, singing, cycling, rowing, writing, skiing, reaching outside of their comfort zones.

They are open-hearted, excited about opportunities, happy to share their successes, and ready to ask for support when they’re struggling.

They are equally capable of offering a kind word or a motivating kick in the ass.

They gather in local groups around the world, and there’s always, always a pack of Peakers awake and active in our private Facebook group for members, which means that no matter the time zone, there is always a family member waiting to hear from you.


An MPC Angel is someone who anonymously sponsors the membership of another Peaker.

It’s a concept that grew organically out of Peakers’ kindness and their desire to share the MPC2016 Prep Program with those who couldn’t afford it. More than 250 people were sponsored into the 2016 program by an Angel, the vast majority of whom were strangers.

That generosity of spirit has continued through 2017 and 2018, with hundreds more Peakers joining the program through the kindness of other Peakers.

If you would like to sponsor someone to join MPC2019, you can purchase the Angels gift card, here. We will then apply that membership to someone on the waiting list for an Angel.

If you are interested in being sponsored to join MPC, please email and explain your situation. We will then add your name to the waiting list and will contact you if and when you’ve been matched with a sponsor.


For Peaker fundraising initiatives and direct donations, please use our official MPC JustGiving pages:

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