Peaker Red Shirts

Peaker Red Shirts helps bridge the gap for those who for their own reasons (illness, injury, disability) are unable to perform the instructed MPC exercises including the already provided modifications.

This group is a supportive, positive environment for members to help each other find positive solutions to their challenges while also providing support for those who may otherwise feel "left out" of the program by only having a "non-physical" challenge option.

Members include those with short term and/or permanent handicaps or disabilities who not only receive modification information but they educate others as well with their personal experience to help lessen the stress and provide a positive hopeful outlook to those newly diagnosed or those maybe suffering from the chronic nature of their condition.

The group provides a smaller personal environment for those to discuss situations/personal concerns that they may not otherwise divulge in the larger group, allowing them a supportive environment to express their fears and challenges and feel heard.

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