PeakersOfSweden was founded early 2017 as a platform for Swedish members of MPC to share their journeys towards individual goals, physical as well as non-physical.

What started out small is now a group over 100 Peaking Swedes from all over our beautiful country - and the group keeps growing. Continuous support - in good times and bad - is our main goal.

We all have our own Peak to reach and we do it with the support of this amazing group. Our main form of contact is Facebook but every so often we meet up for hiking, races or just a dinner and a good laugh.

We want to be a safe place where you can vent whatever is on your mind. With the combined knowledge of our members we want to be the place to turn to for advice about exercises and equipment, tricky translations, books to read, dealing with stressed situations or even just to to curse all those burpees.

Our goal is to challenge ourselves and each other to be stronger both physically and mentally. To grow as individuals and as a group and perhaps most importantly have fun while doing it.

PeakersOfSweden – Stronger Together!