Pedaling Peakers

Pedaling Peakers offers bicycle enthusiasts a forum for discussing all forms of riding. Our diverse membership includes mountain bikers, road cyclists, trail riders and indoor cyclists, riding all types of bicycles.

We encourage all experience levels to join our group, including those who may be new to biking and looking to ride casually, to cyclists who train for metric centuries, full century rides and beyond.

We maintain an active Facebook group where members post pictures of rides, ask questions about gear and seek advice as they train for cycling challenges. Our passion for cycling brings together members who share a similar interest in biking. Our community is unique in that it also supports riders who cycle indoors through stationary trainers, spin bikes, or home cycling classes such as Peloton.

We build community spirit through events such as virtual cycling challenges and through tracking the group’s mileage in our Strava Club.

Look for @Pedaling Peakers on Twitter and Instagram!

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